Option metal tank.

The pneumatic hydraulic pump Hpb has been the TOP of the CMO for many years. HPB has represented and represents a standard that is superior to all other pumps operated on the market.


  PAJ.700 PAJ.500 PAJ.300
Plunger Ø 6,3 mm Ø 7 mm Ø 10 mm
Pressure 700 Bar 500 Bar 300 Bar
Pumping capacity 0,7 l/min 1,1 l/min 1,7 l/min
Oil outlet threading 3/8”Gas 3/8”Gas 3/8”Gas
Air inlet threading 1/4”Gas 1/4”Gas 1/4”Gas
Oil tank capacity 1,3 Lt 1,3 Lt 1,3 Lt
Weight 7Kg 7Kg 7Kg